So many interests, so little time….I shall list the most current and most relevant…in no particular order…

1.  Photography – I have a Pentax K-r, and I’m enjoying playing with the new lenses.  What a difference from a point and shoot!!  I’m following Online Photography School to help hone my skills and learn what my camera can really do.  Sometimes I will post the results of challenges my husband and I give each other.  Will be fun to see what happens when you view the same object through two sets of eyes.  Look for them under the Category “Differing Points of View”.

2.  Sewing – I started this journey when I was 9.  I insisted on my first project being a Barbie doll dress.  You can imagine how that went.  I recently left my job sewing tutus and other costumes for a semi-professional ballet company and enjoying the journey of learning new techniques.  I also enjoy all kinds of other sewing projects, mainly things I can do quickly like purses, sewing machine covers, etc.  Another challenging area of sewing that I’m fully enjoying is that of garments for Civil War Reenacting.  A friend of mine got me into it a few years ago, and I’m in the process of creating an entire wardrobe from the foundation out for both myself and my daughter.  I also sew a few pieces here and there for friends.  I enjoy the history behind the garments themselves, and am fascinated by their construction techniques (I could spend an entirely separate blog on this, but I won’t…)

3.  Quilting – A lot like sewing, but that paragraph was getting too long.  😉  I started quilting in 2000 when I started getting online as a way to meet friends after we moved because my husband was in the Navy.  I don’t get time to do it as much as I’d like.  It is time consuming and a real labor of love, but it gives me a way to give a tangible hug in a way that no other sewing project can (the real reason it deserves its own mention).

4. Beaded Jewelry – A more instant gratification kind of project for me.  I enjoy making one of a kind pieces to wear and to sell in the family’s shop.  I especially like working with chain, natural stone beads and crystals…often all together at once.

5.  Scrapbooking – Like a blog, this is how I document our life’s journey with words and pictures.  I cannot draw, so this is as close to art as I can truly get.  I like the tangible, three dimensional quality of scrapbook pages, something I can hold in my hands and flip through. Not to mention all the neat gadgets I get to use!!

6.  Singing – Once upon a time, I was a music major.  Upon realizing that studying theory was making me hate music, and the fact that I would never be able to pass a piano proficiency test, I decided to change my major and only sing for personal growth and fulfillment.  To that end, I joined Symphony Tacoma Voices in 2001.  It’s not just about singing but learning, growing, expanding my classical repertoire and getting to know some of the best people on the planet.  It’s like a free weekly group therapy session for two hours, and I look forward to Monday nights!

7. Knitting – Since I went back to school in 2012, I needed something portable to do that would help soothe some of the anxiety and stress I was experiencing while satiating the need to create something tangible. I find I like simple projects, using the smaller yarns, and sequins…we can’t forget the sequins. Silly me forgets to take photos of finished projects, but I’ll do better in the future.

8. Ways to support my health naturally – Along with the switch to natural hormones starting with progesterone after my hysterectomy, and then NatureThroid for hypothyroidism/Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, I have discovered that the use of pure essential oils has been instrumental in maintaining my health and decreasing the intensity of illness when it does come. I attribute this to my daily use of dōTERRA oils, so much so, I have decided to become a Wellness Advocate, sharing my experiences with others, helping them learn how to use oils to improve and maintain health for themselves.

There’s more, so much more, but I’ll have to add it at another time.


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