Adventures in Natural Healing

I’ve been MIA here for a while. So many things have been fighting for my time and attention; school, internship, illness, family stuff, trying to start a private therapy practice, did I mention illness? It’s taken so much of my time and energy that I have again become run-down and sick. I survived for a long time on NatureThroid and coffee. But it’s not enough and I know it.

I started using essential oils to scent rice bags for sore muscles and bruises, and to spray in stinky shoes. Then I started reading articles about how essential oils can support a healthy lifestyle, improve mood, and even increase quality of life. I’m going to start sharing my experiences here with you, and show you some of the things I’m doing (in addition to my NatureThroid and changing my diet) to get and stay healthier.  Because let’s face it, having an autoimmune disorder and chronic pain is no picnic.

This is a journey I’m on, it’s all part of the dream, and learning to get back to what I want for my life. I have to be healthy to enjoy it.  Enjoy it with me!


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