Weekly Top Ten list – Who’s into whom?

Thought I’d start posting some lists of things I have found to be true. I’m hoping to keep to a top ten, but I might end up having more or less than that. This time, I’ll talk about relationships. This is primarily about romantic relationships, most likely in the early phases, but sometimes we fail to see the red flags when they are presenting.

He (or she) may be more into himself (herself) than you if…

1. …he flirts with you a lot but suddenly ends up dating someone else (and you should really watch out if you’re the ‘someone else’, because this is a repeating pattern in most cases).

2. …you keep inviting her to youth group, and she keeps blowing you off to hang out with family (then you find out later she was at the movies with friends…)

3. …he avoids talking about anything serious.

4. …you explain that she has hurt your feelings by something she has said or done, but she doesn’t think it’s a big deal.

5. …the two of you both have experience in a certain activity and he is constantly trying to argue that he knows more about it than you do, and he keeps giving you unsolicited advice.

6. …she treats you differently depending on who you’re with.

7. …he goes out with his guy friends, then tells you how hot he thought the waitress was.

8. …she only talks to you when she’s bored or lonely…you’re her backup.

9. …he puts off introducing you to his friends and family.

10….she brings you all her drama from her other relationships.


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