Rough week

Arthritis is a pain.  Literally.  My joints are seriously disliking the cold.  Not that it’s sub-zero weather here…it’s actually quite mild.  But wet…and windy.  It penetrates right into the bones.  I’m still getting things done.  Nearly finished with an eternity scarf, and tomorrow I’ll finish up my grandmother’s flower garden blocks.  A little at a time, and I’ll get that list finished!

School is going well.  I’m bowling a 120 average, even in pain.  The religion class is interesting, and we even get to watch movies.  Today we watched a 20 minute portion of Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ.”  It’s an intense one, and painful to watch.  I remember seeing it in the theater with my dear friend, Honey, and clinging to each other as we wept.

Guess I’d better get my stuff ready for tomorrow.  I get to have a ME day, which hasn’t happened for….I can’t even remember how long.  


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