Be Still

Sleep has been elusive, and I am anxious much of the time.  Distractions help, praying and spending time with friends helps a lot.  But the anxiousness is draining and exhausting.  An encouragement for you tonight.


Rough week

Arthritis is a pain.  Literally.  My joints are seriously disliking the cold.  Not that it's sub-zero weather's actually quite mild.  But wet...and windy.  It penetrates right into the bones.  I'm still getting things done.  Nearly finished with an eternity scarf, and tomorrow I'll finish up my grandmother's flower garden blocks.  A little at a … Continue reading Rough week


Not the scifi type, silly.  The UnFinished Object type that is taking over my house.  So many projects, so little time.  I've had to put off a lot of personal projects this year due to work and school, but I've made it a goal to take at least some of my time back this year. … Continue reading UFOs