I survived JTerm!

And now we’re 2 weeks into the Spring semester. WHEW!  That was pretty rough.

Got a letter a couple of weeks ago that says I made the Dean’s List last semester.  It wasn’t a goal I had even thought of working toward, but now that I know I can, I will.  Classes will probably keep me so busy from now until the end of May (not to mention all the costuming stuff for the ballet school…), that I will have little time to update, but I’ll try…I really will.  Probably once a week is all I can give you for now.  But do follow my 365 project.  I’ve been able to update that fairly well, since it only takes a couple of minutes….but even so, no more than a couple times a week.

So here’s what the new term has in store for me:


New Testament (WHY did I choose to do this first thing in the morning???)  This class…well, let’s just say the instructor is not my favorite person

Advanced Statistics and Research – in essence, this class will walk me through a ‘mini senior capstone’ project.  Major research project, using human participants and manipulations.  30+ page paper (including diagrams and charts).  Oh, and I get to work with a partner, so that’ll help, time wise.


Personality Theories – Just what it sounds like.  I get to learn about all the different types of personality tests and the theorists who came up with the different definitions of personality traits, etc.  It’s complex….but fun!

Community Psychology – I think this will be my absolute favorite class this year, it’s taught by the same prof as Personality Theories.  You know I want to go into the Marriage and Family Therapy Master’s program when I’m done with the Bachelor’s, and THIS class is the one that will get me ready for the way they do things there.  We’ll be learning new ideas about helping others, in a holistic way, instead of singling people out and blaming them (or others) for their problems.  It’s more about being involved and networked in the community to provide people the help they need.  So very excited about this!  One of the things the prof is having us do is to get involved in some sort of service project.  I chose to work with the Tacoma Rescue Mission, because it’s where I want to do my internship this summer.  My heart is pulled toward homeless women and children, especially those who have been abused and thrown away.  These women are working hard to get their lives back, and the Mission is a safe place for them to be able to do that.

So…that’s a snapshot of my school workload.  16 credits….many hours.  It’s definitely overwhelming, but I will get through it, and I will succeed.  Hope you don’t mind if I share some of what I learn along the way.


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