Helping Kids Learn

My sister has always amazed me by the love and patience she has with kids. From the time I can remember, she has been working with and teaching children, but what strikes me most is her love for special needs children. I remember one summer going to stay with her when her oldest son was just a baby. She ran a daycare in her little rented house. Most of it is a blur, but what I remember most clearly is that there was one child who was disabled, and from my perspective at the time, could do nothing for themselves. Sadly, I don’t even recall if that child was a boy or a girl.  What I do remember, however, is that this child would grin from ear to ear when they saw my sister.  She had infinite patience with that child, and would do whatever she could to stimulate their body and mind, singing, having conversations, helping the child clap their hands together, etc.

When my sister announced that she was going back to school and getting a degree in teaching, and that she was going to specialize in special education, I wasn’t surprised at all. This is definitely where her gifts lie.  This is definitely her vocation.  I know it’s not an easy job from day to day. It’s physically and emotionally demanding.  There is a constant need to come up with new ideas for cognitive and physical stimulation.  But my sister does this with such grace…I am so incredibly proud of her.

Special education classrooms need special tools, though. These kids vary so widely in their needs, and it’s difficult to obtain supplies in a public school system when funds are already stretched too thin.  Music is one of those things that stimulates multiple parts of the brain at once, and makes learning fun for everyone.  But it is also a delicate balance, when children have different sensory issues.  My sister is asking for help in purchasing some music items and a circle time kit which will address these issues in her classroom.  I’ve posted a link below where she explains what her kids need, and where you can donate to help her kids.

Sis…I love you, and wish I could donate myself, but know that I support you and hope in some small way, I can help the kids through my blogging.

Staying Focused on Learning Through Music


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