Fashion doesn’t have to break the bank – Product Review

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love a good bargain.  I never pay full retail price for anything.  My favorite places to shop are thrift stores and consignment shops, where I scour racks to find fantastic brand name pieces for pennies.  Just look at what my daughter wears most of the time…Aeropostale, Banana Republic, Hollister, Wet Seal, Ed Hardy, Limited Too, and J. Crew,  just to name a few.  As a family of three, with the two adults in college, you know we can’t afford these things brand new.  I’m always on the lookout for new places to hunt for treasures.

One such place is Repurposewear in Lakewood, Washington.  I happened upon it one day when I was out running errands.  Renata, the beautiful and very friendly owner, welcomed me inside, and took me on a tour of her new shop .  She has a smartly laid out floor plan reminiscent the interior of a house.  Each room filled with racks and shelves, but it doesn’t look cramped or messy.  Renata has a special gift for organizing and decorating in such a way that you want to stay for hours in her welcoming and comfortable atmosphere.  Every rack has carefully considered gently worn name brand clothing and accessories for women of virtually any shape or size.  Vintage, contemporary, casual, formal, and everything in between at fabulous prices.  If you are looking for it, chances are, Renata’s got it, or she can figure out where to find it!

Her passion, and the inspiration for the shop is twofold.  First, everyone deserves to have beautiful things.  Second, those beautiful things should not take space in landfills or in a closet where they are unloved.  Her desire is to see people rethinking the throwaway society we have become.

She’s got a great sense of style, and is more than willing to help you pick out pieces that are as unique as you are. When I wandered in there earlier this week, even though it had been over a year since I had seen her, she remembered me.  She even asked me if I was still free to do alterations.  That’s the kind of personal service you’ll get there.  Every time.

Come take your time and browse through the racks.  Don’t rush it, it’s an experience to be savored.


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