The Best Little Bag EVER! – Product Review

My husband’s niece excitedly described her new business endeavor.  At first, I listened with half interest.  Although I am a fan of fashion, I also have a tight budget, and particular taste in accessories.  Bags, especially, must have function, not just design.

Through the years, like any other woman I know, I’ve gone through countless purses and bags, but nothing has ever really been the perfect one.  Kimberly thought she had a good fit for me, so when I offered to do a product review for her, she sent me this lovely little cross shoulder bag that can convert to a wristlet.  I was struck at first with how well constructed this little bag is and the sheer number of little pockets.  I’m a sucker for pockets.  The outside is this quite subtle brown and black plaid fabric, with a surprise punch of pink for a liner.  This little bag neatly fits all my ID cards (THREE of them), my debit card, a few gift cards, some change, a spare house key, and my cell phone.   It’s the perfect size to toss in my backpack on the way to school, and I never have to worry about carrying another bag or having my things flying loose in the cavernous pockets of the backpack.

I normally use this as a cross body bag, and it serves me well this way.  The straps just clip off if I don’t want to use them.  Fantastic little bag!  Her name is Gia, and she she will go with you anywhere!

For more information on how to get your own Gia, and all the amazing different fabrics being offered, contact Kimberly’s Bags.  She also has a page on Facebook where she posts updates and special events.  Kimberly’s Bags on Facebook



2 thoughts on “The Best Little Bag EVER! – Product Review

  1. And that wasn’t even the bag for your review! It was just my Thank You! gift!

    Audrey in Lulu shall be in your life in a few weeks. She’ll just LOVE the ocean breezes and Taps on the wind. 🙂

  2. 1. Never waste advertising space
    2. Always talk up things you really like
    3. When you run out of topics of conversation, just look to your left or to your right and choose the first thing you see.
    4. Never turn down a free meal.

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