How was your week?

I know it’s only Thursday, but tomorrow is Product Review Friday, so I’m asking now.

My week has been a little insane, lots of ups and downs and homework.  My weekend looks to be more of the same, except with the addition of making a couple of pillow covers for my daughter’s ballet school.  What was the best and worst thing that happened to you this week?  Any progress on your dreams? I need stories, people!!


One thought on “How was your week?

  1. My week has been a roller coaster of frustration, pain, weird dreams and revelation. Let me explain a little- I’ve had a constant headache since I got the 3-shot series of epidurals in my lower back for the radiating pain caused by the herniated disc. I log my migraines- for which I was having almost more migraines in a month than days. Not good. As of this past Tuesday I had been 12 days since the previous migraine- however- I have had this one 3 days now. I can’t take anything due to the possibility of causing a rebound headache. I have asked my neurologist via message about it & the vision changes I’ve had with this headache but the next available appointment is 14 Feb 2013. Wow. This is frustrating. Due to laying down a lot with this headache- I have slept much more than I normally would- thus the weird dreams. Unfortunately- I remember them as they were the ones you get after you should have gotten up on a morning you don’t have to be anywhere- but get lazy and stay in bed. Then regret it. However- my eyes hurt- so I was closing them- thus the falling back to sleep & the dreams.

    Then today in the mail came KCM’s Believer’s Voice of Victory magazine. While eating dinner (leftover meatloaf) I was browsing thru it & read an article about a man who not only survived 2 major attacks of severe Multiple Sclerosis- the kind that should have killed him- but didn’t & he wasn’t an active active Christian at the time- but he overcame the disease because he became on fire for God’s Word. He studied, prayed & shared whatever he learned. This was heartening to me. Flipping thru again- I landed on another article called Take It! – Gloria Copeland expanded on Mark 11:24 “What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.” Just as we declared our belief and took Jesus into our hearts at the time of being saved- we should take what we ask for in faith as if we’ve already received it. This includes healing. I feel symptoms. They may be fact. But they are NOT the truth. Truth says Jesus already won our healing when he died on the cross and went into hell and defeated the devil. So Gloria states we need to claim hold of the promise and repeat it, meditate on the scriptures until our faith grows to make it come to pass. The thing is- I know this. But I have not been renewing my mind with the Word of God on a regular basis. Today I was specifically directed to those 2 articles- because those are what I needed to hear right now. Thus the revelation. Jesus is a shepherd and I am His sheep. He has his crook around me and is pulling me back where I need to be.

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