Getting in the new groove

It’s always hard for me to change gears and get used to a new schedule.  This fall has been no different.  Ok, so that’s not the truth…it’s been EXTRAORDINARILY different.  Today, I left class muttering to myself, “What in the world am I thinking??”  Don’t misunderstand the question.  I’ve fought long and hard to get where I am, in an amazing school with some of the highest credentials in the country.  I’m ready to see this program through, and get where I have been dreaming for a long time.

Today was just the first time where the overwhelm really hit me….the reality of what I’m doing is sinking in.  The fact that I’m twice the age of most of my classmates, and there is a definite learning curve.  Not only am I a new student to a new school, but I’m taking upper division classes where more is expected of me.  OH yeah, and the Psychology professor who speaks in a very heavy Japanese accent isn’t helping either.  There’s nothing wrong with her…not at all.  It’s just not  something I have been exposed to much, so I’m struggling to understand what she is trying to convey, or what she is expecting when she poses a question to the class.  I’ve read the material, and I know it fairly well, but when put on the spot in class that way…well, it’ll take some time to catch up.  Today’s class was pretty rough in that respect, and I walked out of the building shaking my head and wondering.

Then again…If i can get through THIS class AND statistics all in the same semester….I’ll be doing great!  I’m still shooting for at least a 3.8.


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