Not Your Ordinary First Day of School – Part 2 of 3

As amazing as Convocation was, and as moved as I was to be in the room with many academics (we had a delegate from HARVARD, of all places!), I was even more excited to start classes.  Tuesday and Thursday, I’m taking Development Across the Lifespan and Solve it With Computers. Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I’m taking Statistics for Psych majors and Fitness and Wellness (a PE class).  Each day, one class is on upper campus and one is on lower campus.  This means a 1/2 mile round trip across campus with one way being up a steeply graded hill.  EEK!  For the most part, I was able to handle that this week.  This will be a challenge, however.

My professor for the Development class is a really nice Japanese woman, whose husband is also a professor in the Psych department.  She’s fairly new to PLU, and her accent is quite heavy. I have to sit in the front so I can lipread, that way I can get used to that accent and so I am able do well in class.  A lot of the first half of our text is filled with information I have already generally gone through in the Early Childhood Education classes I took notes in at Clover Park Tech.  Not that it’ll be an easy A, but I feel very much in my element there.

Solve it with Computers is going to be FUN.  It’s a Freshman level computer science class, and we get to learn how to use the computer to decipher codes.  The professor is a bit….eccentric.  But he’s nice and laid back, and he brings his therapy dog with him.  She’s a really sweet black lab he’s had for about six months.  I do think this class will be pretty easy, but I’ll have to make sure to keep up.

Statistics for Psych Majors….well…to be honest, this will be my most difficult class this semester.  I really want to do well, because it is the foundation for all of the research I’ll be doing in my Senior Seminar and other classes.  I’m SOOO glad I took that math course last spring, because it was exactly the refresher I needed going into this class.  I’ll still need some help with some of the computations, but between the lab, the teaching assistants and working in groups, I might just survive.  The professor is a really nice woman who gets really excited about organization and research.  My kind of prof!  I do think I’ll like this class, once I stop being scared of it.  😉

Finally, my PE class.  I don’t think I’ll have a hard time with the academic portion of this class.  It’s all stuff I’ve learned before. The nutrition section may have a few things I’ll disagree with, but that’s because a lot of it doesn’t apply to me because of my specific health concerns.  The biggest hurdle, the thing that will be the most difficult for me, is the fact that I’m 40, and all but 1 of the other students are 18-20 year olds, most of them athletes.  My health conditions make me so humiliated.  I won’t be able to do the fitness tests the way everyone else will.  I can’t do anything more strenuous than walking, and I’m just….UGH.  Anyway…it’ll be fine, I just have to deal with it for 7 more weeks.

I have met some really nice people in my classes.  One girl is a member of the church we attend.  There’s one woman who is from Canada; she and I hit it off immediately.  We have a lot in common, and I’m hoping we get to work together in our two classes.

That’s pretty much it for today.  Tomorrow is going to be a tough day.  You’ll find out why in my post.


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