Crazy Weekend

I have to reveal up front that I was not feeling well at all this weekend, so crazy to me may not be crazy to you.

Friday, I got my parking permit for PLU, and squared away some last minute paperwork for school. By the way, I’m so excited for Tuesday, it’s very hard to contain myself!!  After spending lunch with my husband, I picked up my daughter and her boyfriend up from school and we headed over to the Air Force base to pick blackberries.  The goal was to get several gallons of them, but we all tired out before too long, and only ended up with two gallons worth of berries.  Hopefully we can go again this weekend. I really want to be able to make a batch of wine this year.

Yesterday, I took my daughter and her boyfriend to the park at the beach for lunch and to hang out for a little while. I wasn’t feeling all that hot, so after we got home, I took a nap…and then I was only awake a few hours afterward, but was still tired, so slept some more.  I’m still adjusting my medication, and know that it’s not quite there yet…it’s frustrating, but I’m willing to keep working on it.

Today, we all went to Sunday School, except my husband.  With all of his hours dealing with the Navy Chief induction season, he’s been tired and needed some rest. But after church, we drove over to PLU for the annual reception at the University President’s house.  All new students and their families are invited to a garden party at the Gonyea House – the university owned estate where the President lives and entertains.  It is an amazing event, where you can meet the President first hand, and many members of the faculty and staff, in a casual, relaxed setting, away from the school.  It is a MUST DO for new students.  Not all of them go…which I think is a shame, but there are two times you get to do something like this.  First when you are new, and then when you graduate.  It is part of the community building that is so important at PLU, and which I am extremely proud to be part of.

Tomorrow is my last prep day before school starts.  Covering books, doing some pre-reading, laundry, tidying up the house.  Then TUESDAY.  Tuesday is the first day of being able to live out my dream.

Tuesday I will BOLDLY walk in with the rest of the new students for the Convocation service.  I’m hoping to post a link of  the ceremony afterward…in case you want to share in the day.  Meanwhile, it’s sleepy-time again.  Over the next three weeks, I’ll have a couple of product reviews for you, from Gigi Hill to Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef.

Stay Tuned!!


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