Ode to the Sea

This is one of my all time favorite pieces.  Ralph Vaughan Williams' "Sea Symphony" celebrates all those who dare sail on the waves.  This is for all the sailors in my life.  Enjoy!


New Video

I saw for KING & COUNTRY last November, and I instantly liked their music.  This is their newest video, just got released today....interesting...hoping they'll do more. "The Proof of Your Love" from their newest album.

The Best Little Bag EVER! – Product Review

My husband's niece excitedly described her new business endeavor.  At first, I listened with half interest.  Although I am a fan of fashion, I also have a tight budget, and particular taste in accessories.  Bags, especially, must have function, not just design. Through the years, like any other woman I know, I've gone through countless … Continue reading The Best Little Bag EVER! – Product Review

Getting in the new groove

It's always hard for me to change gears and get used to a new schedule.  This fall has been no different.  Ok, so that's not the truth...it's been EXTRAORDINARILY different.  Today, I left class muttering to myself, "What in the world am I thinking??"  Don't misunderstand the question.  I've fought long and hard to get … Continue reading Getting in the new groove