Things are Changing

I just took the morning dose of my new meds.  It’s day 3 on them.  I’m already feeling some changes.  My neck feels like it has slimmed down a  little.  The first day, I had some extra energy in the morning, but crashed yesterday, and then had a little insomnia last night.  Tired this morning, and just hoping I can get through the week until it’s time to increase the dosage.  I’m still having plantar fasciitis symptoms (only in my left foot), but found Strutz, which are a slip-on arch supports, and those are amazing.  Watch for a review on them later in the week after I’ve had a chance to wear them to work and other places.  I seriously think that Synthroid was part of what was contributing to the brain fog, because that seems to be lifting as well.

All of this is going to take time to adjust, I realize that.  But I didn’t think I’d be feeling changes so noticeably in such a short time.  It finally gives me hope.


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