Too busy for photography :(

I haven’t been able to get out lately to take photos of anything (except for the last few days, when it’s been too hot and I’ve had a lovely cornea abrasion to deal with…), and I’m feeling a little frustrated about it. We’ve been having some really fantastic colored sunsets…like the one I’m watching the tail end of right now, with its deep gold and red.  Perhaps tomorrow evening.

I’m kind of stuck on trying to figure out new topics to photo and blog.  My mind is really full of school stuff, teenage drama stuff, trying to get my sewing stuff done, getting the teen ready for Sophomore year, making all of the dietary and medication changes…..complete overwhelm.  But in all the craziness, the overwhelm isn’t like what it was 11 months ago.  I’m not desperate, but my brain is still so full and somewhat disorganized right now.  Hope the new meds help with that.


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