The Dark before the Dawn

Just kidding, it’s not dark…it’s just an expression.  Today was a really good day.  I had my Transfer student orientation this morning, complete with a tour of Upper Campus and a free lunch.  What a day….I’ll tell you about it!

I was running late after oversleeping nearly half an hour, so I rushed to shower and dress, while my daughter so sweetly made my lunch for me (and tucked in a little note to wish me a good day and tell me that she loved me…awww!) and ran around doing chores.  Someone must have wanted me to slow down, because on the way over to the university, I got stuck behind several slow cars and a truck.  But I made it!  Found a parking spot in a place that didn’t have a 2 hour limit, and walked as quickly as I could to the University Center.  I barely made it, just at 8 am…when the website said orientation started.

As I approached the orientation registration table, I was told that it didn’t actually start until 9….well..ok, then.  Good thing I’d packed my breakfast!  I grabbed a coffee and found a seat with another young lady that was there for the same reason I was.  We got to chatting, and had a pleasant breakfast.  Orientation itself was informative, of course, but I learned that there were 6 people in my group of 35 that intended to major in Psych, and one of the others (she’s majoring in PoliSci), used to be a vocal performance major (it’s funny, because I was a PoliSci major for one semester.)  I met a girl who is also taking the one Psych class I was able to get into, and a guy whose goal is to be a marriage and family therapist, too (although, he didn’t seem to have much going on upstairs…) We went on a tour of the upper part of campus, another introduction to part of the staff, and then were treated to a free lunch in the Commons (the cafeteria).

Once we were released, I went to talk to Dining office, because I was interested in finding out about gluten and soy free options in the Commons.  Before being introduced to the sous chef, two of the ladies in the office asked if I was looking for a job.  !!.  They handed me their business cards and told me to email them tomorrow.  DUH, of course I’m going to do that.  I need a work study job on campus, and something in the Commons area or in catering would put me on the right end of campus!!  ONce I met the sous chef, he took me around the Commons and showed me where they put up notices at each station stating what allergens could be found there, and what substitutions could be made.  They are VERY accommodating. He even went so far as to make sure that all of the gluten free substitutes for bread and tortillas had no soy in them.  I was also introduced to the head of one of the stations, who was more than happy to help with my dietary needs.  I swear, every time I meet another staff person, I become more and more impressed with this school.

After the tour of the Commons, I headed straight over to Student Services, to make sure I spoke with my counselor about the remaining balance on my account, and figuring out how to get it paid.  It shouldn’t be a problem, but wanted to make sure payment arrangements were an option if it comes to it.  Then I spoke with the Registrar about the possibility of getting my Psych 101 credited to my major requirements (they let me register for a class for which it is a prerequisite, so I don’t see a problem.)  He made a note on my account and told me to talk to my major advisor after I go to them to declare (likely the week after school starts).  If necessary, I will get a copy of the class description from the course catalog from the college where I took it.  That should fix it..

Then home to complete my financial aid paperwork, get a parking permit and get things ready for tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I am beginning on my new medication regimen.  I’ve had the natural desiccated thyroid tablets for a week or so, but now I know how to start taking them.  So…here we go….praying it works. I need it to work.

Am I excited?  YOU BETCHA.  I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep the night before classes….this is going to be one of the biggest adventures in my life.  Pinch me…I’m dreaming….and dreaming BIG.


2 thoughts on “The Dark before the Dawn

    • It’s a little eerie how smoothly things have gone recently. Makes me nervous about what’s ahead, but I can’t think that way. I just need to say thank you and keep moving forward!

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