I Just Can’t do it Alone

Feeling really tired for the past few days.  Not certain if it’s just the heat or the thyroid issues, but I have no energy at all.  Having a hard time keeping up with anything this week…have to remind myself to take my meds and even juice.   The thought of all that lies ahead and all that is left to do before school starts is overwhelming.  It’s even harder with Jym having to be gone so much this month.  I know he’s doing it because it will make things better, but it’s still exhausting.


4 thoughts on “I Just Can’t do it Alone

  1. This month is proving to be as exhausting as it has been refreshing. Ready to settle into the insanity of all three of us in school.

  2. routine is the best of friends – routine helps keep one sane – however, they teach us in the Army to do things out of routine, go different ways home at sporadic times, make changes- temporary- so that you cannot be predicted and predators who want to pick your brain will look for easier prey. So I’ve made a routine and a game at occasionally breaking it- That also helps the routine not be so dull and robot responsive too- keeps me thinking- which is a good thing too

    • I think it’s a wise thing to occasionally change things up, but generally speaking, I really need the structure a routine provides, so I don’t have to expend energy thinking about things that should just come automatically. Routes to places change, but the time of day I take my meds or make my juice or do my homework, etc. need to be consistent.

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