Star Wars!!!

Marathon tomorrow, all six episodes. Which ones do you like the best?  In what order do you prefer to watch them?  Why?  I just want to see them in BluRay, and since I’ve seen them many many times, I see no reason to not see them in storyline chronological order.  I enjoy each one…except maybe Episode III, but I’ll deal.


4 thoughts on “Star Wars!!!

  1. I’ve tried watching them all in order but didn’t make it all the way through Ep. 1-3 before petering out. I kind of like the idea of watching them in the order they were made as opposed to in storyline chronological order. It makes the family revelations in Ep. 5 and 6 more powerful when you don’t “know” it before hand.

    As for which I like best? Hmm. I think in order it would be Ep. 5, 4, 3, 6, 2, 1 though 3 and 6 could easily be flipped. I like the visual effects of the old movies a bit better as well. Yes, the Anakin trilogy is visually impressive. But the effects tend to look too processed, too pretty. The Luke trilogy looks more real. The spaceship scenes using actual models look pretty darn good without all that fancy shmancy computer trickeration.

    I suppose one way to figure out how you should watch them is dependent on which story arc you want to follow. The Luke arc is self contained as a storyline. You could watch that trilogy and be satisfied with the story as Luke follows the path of the comic hero to completion. The Anakin story arc requires watching in episode order. You need to see his rise and fall and ultimate redemption throughout the entire six episode series. With just Ep. 1-3 his path of the tragic hero is incomplete. I suppose if it ended with him being fitted for the iconic black suit it could work as it would leave it to your imagination what would happen next much like Ep. 6 did. Still, I think it would leave you feeling a bit unfulfilled. But all the tying up of loose strings at the end of Ep. 3 clearly lead to the next trilogy. So in total it naturally leads to having to complete the entire story arc.

    • That’s true, Antonio, but for our particular group, we already knew, and the consensus was to view in this order. Next time (it will be a while) it’ll be in a different order.

  2. I don’t think I could handle watching 6 movies in a row of any movie- series or not. Guess I don’t have a lot of fans around me into doing that sort of thing either- close as I’ve come in chaperoning a Boy Scout all night movie marathon- but I fell asleep…

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