Guest Post #1 – Dryad’s Haven

My friend Janet has been writing poetry for a long time, and about two years ago, she made the pledge to write a praise a day, no matter how she was feeling.  And she has done that!  I’m so proud of her for looking to God each day for something positive and something to be thankful for.  She inspires me.  Here’s one of the posts from  one of her own blogs, which she has so graciously given me permission to repost.


Who Dreams the Dream

Beneath a canopy of green
The Dryad paused to rest
The sunlight nestled in her hair
And drowsed upon her breast
The breeze was soft, the air was warm;
A honeysuckle vine
Entwined itself around her wrist
In fragrant jeweled design.
Her dreams were sweet and innocent,
Of dew and fresh mown hay
And ribbons laced in auburn hair
Where sunset colors play.
And as she slept I saw my face
And woke beneath the tree;
For as I dreamed I watched her there,
The Dryad dreamed of me.
(originally posted by The Dryad, July 20, 2009)
If she is so inclined to comment on this post, I encourage her to leave links to her blogs as she wishes, so you can be inspired as well.



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