Treasures in Time

Dreams come in many forms.  For a few of my family members, a dream was realized when Treasures in Time was opened nearly a year ago.  Every time I step inside, there is always something new to explore and marvel over, and it is clean, clutter-free and friendly.  Located near downtown McMinnville, Oregon, it is a little gem of a shop specializing in estate jewelry, vintage watches and quality antiques.  You’ll find that you will get a very fair price for your scrap gold and silver, too!  I would love this store, even if it weren’t in the family.  It is a place I would go, again and again.

reasures in Time is first a family owned and operated shop.  We love our store and hope you will come to love it also.  We are an Estate Jewelry and Antique Boutique.  Here is what is important to us:

  • Fine antiques should be affordable!  We work hard to keep our prices fair.
  • We Stand behind the authenticity of our Estate Jewelry and Vintage Watches.
  • Antique Stores should have antiques in them.  So many secondhand stores today call themselves antique stores.  Not at Treasures in Time.  Though we have the occassional high quality reproduction, we don’t stock clutter or junk!
  • We love to visit with our guests.  Stop in. Say Hi.  If you are looking for something we don’t have at the moment…..let us know…..we’ll help you find it.

Treasures in Time and Treasures in Time eBay


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