Tonight it’s blueberry syrup!

I don't know what's up with me lately, but I'm liking this canning thing.  Doing it while the energy is still there.  Tonight I did 2 pints of organic blueberry syrup....yum!  I'll pour it over my gluten free pancakes this weekend. For the past two days, I've had more energy than I've had in nearly … Continue reading Tonight it’s blueberry syrup!



Today, for the very first time ever, I canned 16 quarts of tomatoes.  Just plain ol' tomatoes, but it was quite the feat.  A friend shared a link with me to use the leftover bits to cook down into tomato sauce, but I'll save that for another day. Meanwhile, I just heard the last of … Continue reading Tomatoes!!

Miscellaneous fun

This weekend has been a difficult one.  I did WAY too much on Friday.  So I'll just post some photos of our activities on Friday.  First, went to Fort Steilacoom Park with my daughter's boyfriend's family, then we went to a Rainiers baseball game.            

“New and improved” isn’t always better

In my reading about my thyroid condition, I have to sift through a lot of crazy stuff to get to the good information. I have listened to countless doctors say that it is impossible to have all of the symptoms I have on my list, and that there must be something else wrong.  They keep … Continue reading “New and improved” isn’t always better