More Juice, Please

Can you stand another post about juicing?  Too bad….it’s part of my life now, so will probably make a regular appearance.  Every time I juice, I’m amazed how much mostly dry fiber comes out the waste shoot.  And also how much juice remains behind.  Every day, it’s a slightly different flavor.  I have only had one juice that tasted bad, in the nearly 3 weeks I’ve been juicing, and drinking things I’d never actually eat.  My thought is that my taste buds are overridden by my body’s craving nutrients that it’s been deprived of all these years.  And there is NO way I could ever eat so much otherwise…far too much fiber to fill me up before I could get all the nutrients I need.  So… my two current favorite juice recipes, for your enjoyment….

Jenn’s Morning Sunshine Juice

2-4 carrots

1 medium size firm apple (fuji, granny smith, gala, honeycrisp, braeburn, macintosh, etc.)  Red and golden delicious are usually too mealy and don’t contain much in the way of nutrients, so avoid them if you can.

2-3 celery stalks

2 wedges of lemon or lime

handful of kale (green is better, doesn’t go bitter as quickly) or spinach

(optional additions – just one per juice) small handful of blueberries, grapes, two or three slices of cantaloupe, large slice of watermelon (rind and all for both of those), a third to half a cucumber, and you can even replace the apple with a pear in a pinch.  This is what I’ve been able to experiment with so far.  I’m sure as the seasons change, I’ll use whatever is available.


Gerson Institute Green Juice

(Thanks to Honey for sending me this recipe.  I was scared at first, but it tastes really good!!)

The juice that the Gerson Institute uses for their cancer and other terminally ill patients. works miracles (and it tastes really good!!). Ingredients – do your best to get whatever is in season, as many as you can of the following, but do not substitute or add to the list:

Dark green lettuces: red and green leaf lettuces, romaine (Iceberg is useless and do not use) – several leaves

endive – several leaves

Escarole – several leaves

Beet tops (young inner leaves)

Watercress – 5 or 6 leaves

Red cabbage – 2 or 3 leaves (if you have hypothyroid or Hashimoto’s disease, you will want to omit this)

Green bell pepper – ¼

Swiss chard – little

Green apple – 1


Happy juicing for your good health!


2 thoughts on “More Juice, Please

  1. generally 14-16 oz. I do make it a meal, but I have also started eating 5 small meals a day, to keep my metabolism constant. I had a bad crash yesterday, and learned that I have to take a snack to church, because 4 hours is too long.

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