Lavender Festival in Sequim

Sequim, Washington (pronounced ‘skwim’ – it’s a Native American name as are most of the towns and other areas in Washington State) is the largest producer of commercially grown lavender in North America.  The only other part of the world where more lavender is grown is France.  Every year, they have a festival where they celebrate the relaxing and amazing scent of the violet, lavender and white flowers.  Downtown hosts a street fair with many vendors, a parade, and lots of other events.  Local farms have fruit and flower stands, many of which allow you to pick your own, and some which carry many many products made from the locally grown lavender.

My husband’s niece, her daughter, my daughter and her boyfriend and I all trekked the 2 hours to the Olympic Peninsula, to enjoy the scenery and buy plants, have breakfast in a local ‘joint’, and just enjoy each other.  Didn’t get any pictures of the actual lavender, but I can do that tomorrow.  We took the Kingston Ferry over to Edmonds to get home, to end our adventure.  Lots of sweet memories made today.


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