Crazy Saturday

This day…I’m SO glad it’s coming to a close.  It actually started last night, when the electricity went out.  We decided to all turn in early since today would be a busy one.  This was my husband’s drill weekend (he’s in the Navy Reserve), and had to get up very early.  Of course, the electricity was still out.  We finally got power back around 8 am.  By that time, I’d already been up for two hours and managed to clean most of the kitchen and take out the garbage and recycling, fold two loads of laundry and play a game or two on Facebook.  The plan was to clean for a couple of hours after breakfast, then head over to the community center to pick up our Bountiful Baskets produce, then make our way to a favorite quilt shop for a monthly sew-in.  I had some costume accessories to cut and hem, so was looking forward to having the space to do that.  On the way home, I’d go check in on my friend’s cats for her while she’s in Jamaica.

Well….the whole schedule got thrown upside down when I got an email that the produce truck was going to be two hours late.  So…no sew-in, but went to my friend’s.  Also ran a couple of other small errands.  Not as productive a day as I’d wanted, but progress was made, so that’s good, right?

I did manage to take a couple cool shots today.  Spiderwebs in the early morning dew, flowers on my succulent plant in the kitchen, the bounty of organic produce from my basket.  So I upload them here, then pass out for a few hours, because I have another long day ahead tomorrow.


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