Just a Quickie

Summer has finally arrived in ernest for the Pacific Northwest.  It’s warm for me, but not terribly uncomfortable.  I’m hearing rumblings of ‘it’s so hot’ everywhere I go, though.  Kinda makes me laugh.  But it’s not funny enough to want to move back to Fresno.  THAT is hot.

This morning in the math class where I take notes, a few of the guys (aged between 18 and 54)  were playing a game of one-up with each other, bragging about cars, gas mileage, how much money they’ve managed to save, what they do for exercise….it was quite humorous.  How I love to watch people and see how they interact.

My daughter got to see her boyfriend after being apart since the 4th. They went to youth group together, which is always a good thing.  And now she’s in a better mood and not so cranky from not talking to him, so that is a VERY good thing.

That’s just a little from today…nothing exciting, just everyday stuff.


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