Juicing, Week Two

I am actually starting to feel the benefits of this! More energy and feeling regular. I know, it has only been a week and my diet is not fully tweaked, but I am thrilled with any progress. Every couple of days I will try something new in the juice, like introducing new foods to a baby. Today was beet. I found some lovely ones at a local produce market and it was fantastic. This is one of the keys to healing my adrenals, so will be a regular participant. At lead a few times a week. The deep red looks so cool with the carrot orange, and tastes amazing with spinach!



2 thoughts on “Juicing, Week Two

    • Well, for the time being, it’s going into the yard waste bin, which goes to a local site for community composting. once we get a garden established in the back yard (praying for next spring!), we’ll be making our own compost.

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