Mixed Reviews on First Impressions

So this morning was my first appointment at the endocrinology office.  My appointment was with the Nurse Practitioner who would take my history and get labs ordered.  We weren’t going anywhere with diagnosis or medications yet, but I was still nervous that it would be a fight just to get the labs ordered that I really need.

First, I was taken back by the PA who got my weight and height and vitals.  She took my blood pressure without letting me rest for a few minutes and kept cracking jokes while she was getting a reading.  As a result, it was on the high side.  I asked her to take it again, and she said it wasn’t necessary. {insert eye roll}  She was asking me why I was there, and when I told her for my thyroid, she said, “Well, as long as you’re not going to ask for anything crazy like Armour, you’ll be fine.”  Hm.  {insert awkward pause with crickets chirping}  I decided not to respond.  After all, I REALLY needed these labs done.  Once I get them in my hands, the possibility of a real battle may commence.

The nurse practitioner was actually really nice, seemed like she was listening for the most part.  Except when I told her that, no, I won’t even consider going on anti-depressants.  And that, no, I don’t think it’s Fibromyalgia, because I don’t exhibit any of the symptoms or other markers.  She still wants to have me tested for Fibro and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome if my lab results come back ‘ok’.  Other than that, she did order all of the labs I asked for, and it was pretty easy.  But because of my ‘high blood pressure’ reading, she wants me to keep track of the pressure daily until I see her again.  LOVELY.

Now I just wait until next week.   I have an appointment next month, but I’m supposed to call for cancellations, because she wants to see me ASAP.

I knew going to a new doctor’s office wasn’t going to be easy.  After all, I’ve been arguing with many a doctor for at least 15 years about my hypothyroid condition.  I’ve given up expecting them to listen, but there’s still something in me that hopes.  The jury is still out.  To be Continued….


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