Nerves and Missed Opportunities

I wasn’t feeling all that great today, so hung around the house.  Until about dinner time, when we went in search of something that would not further upset my sore tummy.  While finishing with dinner, I glanced up through the greenhouse windows and realized that the sky was fairly clear, with only a few wispy clouds, the kind that gather as the sun begins to go down and create a spectacularly colorful sunset.  Yep, you guessed it, I was going to get the sunset I’ve been trying to capture for a week or so, and FORGOT MY CAMERA.  UGH, when will I remember that my camera is an appendage?!?!  Well, I had my iPhone with me, so snapped this as we were driving over Lake Steilacoom.

I will attempt to remember to keep my camera with me.  Only not tomorrow…my day is literally packed full from the moment I get up until I hit the pillow.

Which brings me to the nerves part of the post.  Tomorrow will be my first appointment with the endocrinologist’s office.  The first step is talking to the nurse and getting blood tests.  After those results come in, then I get to talk to them about how to proceed with treating my ongoing hypothyroid symptoms.  Need lots of prayers and good thoughts.  I will fight for what I need, but don’t want to have to.


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