Juicing is fun!

After my experience with juicing with my friend, I got home from our trip, pulled out my juicer and started chopping and juicing.  I don’t even mind the chopping…it prepares me for what is ahead.  As I chop, the scents and flavors are already mingling…making my mouth water.  So far, I am starting with sweeter juices, and working my way toward greener with mostly veggie content (because I know that’s better for weight loss and energy building).  But it’s a start….and a yummy one at that.  I’ve already learned that carrots give me wicked heartburn, so i have to limit them to one per juice.  As I continue, I’ll find what works best.  Here’s today’s combination, in celebration of the 4th of July!

My apologies for the photo that is not up to my normal.  I only had my iPhone handy…but you get the idea.


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