Adventures in Notetaking

I’m really liking my part time job.  I’m a notetaker at a local technical college through the Disability Services office.  I’ve mostly been working with students in Early Childhood Education classes, which is a real change of pace for me.  I feel a little out of my element there, but still, I just take down what seems important and what the student needs for me to write for them.  This quarter, I get to take notes for a really sweet deaf and nearly blind gentleman, in an industrial math class.  UGH, math.  By the end of the class, they’ll be doing Trigonometry.  FUN.  I did say a while ago that I wanted to be solid in math before I begin at PLU in the fall….and I guess someone was listening, because I’ll be learning right alongside my student.    Of course, getting paid for doing it is a PLUS!


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