I do it myself.

When we're growing up, specifically, when we're toddlers, we learn a certain amount of autonomy, and are proud of being able to do things on our own.  We have this new skill and knowledge set and want to practice it, but often the adult 'experts' in our lives want to think we are not capable … Continue reading I do it myself.


Those who support our dreams…

All this talk about dreams and life changes, and I haven't even given much of a mention to the guy who has supported me in all of this. Ever since we met in college, Jym has been encouraging me to meet people, do things, go places.  He's been the one to try to convince me … Continue reading Those who support our dreams…

More Juice, Please

Can you stand another post about juicing?  Too bad....it's part of my life now, so will probably make a regular appearance.  Every time I juice, I'm amazed how much mostly dry fiber comes out the waste shoot.  And also how much juice remains behind.  Every day, it's a slightly different flavor.  I have only had … Continue reading More Juice, Please

A simple sunset

Driving home from an evening out and about, we pass along a section of road that is close to the Puget Sound.  I love to travel along this route.  It sates my need for being by the ocean.

I Dance the Dream

Sore fingers, broken skin Rough callouses, aching joints Late nights and wrinkled clothes Pins and needles, fallen threads Pattern pieces, scraps, jewels All scattered about my tables   Motor humming, needle jumping Stashes of bobbins wound Hooks and eyes ready To hold them fast and tight   Music starts, nerves vibrate The lights glow bright and warm Will seams … Continue reading I Dance the Dream

Stressing the Point

What is stress?  A quick search on Dictionary.com produced this result: World English Dictionary stress  (strɛs) — n 1. special emphasis or significance attached to something 2. mental, emotional, or physical strain or tension 3. emphasis placed upon a syllable by pronouncing it moreloudly than those that surround it 4. such emphasis as part of a regular rhythmic beat in music or poetry 5. a syllable so emphasized 6. physics a. force or a system of forces producing deformation or strain b. the force acting per unit area I rather like the definition of 6a, because it's not just true in the realm of physics, but in our emotional life as … Continue reading Stressing the Point

Beauty Belongs to the Beholder

Some say it is in your eyes Some say it is in your heart Others say it is in your mind To be true beauty It must be experienced With all of the senses, Physically, spiritually, Logically, emotionally. Even something or someone That would normally be passed by Is beautiful in the right eyes...heart...mind If … Continue reading Beauty Belongs to the Beholder