It’s bright out here!

You know you’ve gotten accustomed to Pacific Northwest weather when you head east, and the Nevada sunshine has you shrinking into whatever shade you can find.  The best part is that there are people here we love, and places that spark warm memories.  Tomorrow, we’ll drive through Reno, while I point out the wedding chapel that is most special to us, and hopefully catch another glimpse (and possibly the opportunity for a photograph or three) of wild horses and mustangs, and then when we’re back in California, we’ll be driving through an area that holds lots of childhood memories for me.  I want to share them, pass them down to my daughter, so she can hold those stories for me, if not the memories themselves.  I will take pictures, then when we get home, I will share the old photos from long ago.  My daughter will know me better, and I will know her….this trip…these days together…they are priceless.


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