The Eyes Have it

For a couple of years, I have suffered with chronic dry eye and recurrent corneal abrasions (when I have I have wifi in the morning, I will find a link for you on that topic.). The day before yesterday, I awoke with one of my more severe episodes. It seemed to have improved until I woke this morning. Knowing I had to drive for an hour in bright sun was not a happy thought. I arrived safely, but experienced increasing pain. I also discovered that my bottle of eye drops had leaked and was empty. Here I am visiting my husband’s grandparents and am an utter mess. I’m dealing with it the best I can. Bought some more drops, wearing my sunglasses in the house and drinking gallons of water. Not so painful now, but I am afraid to close my eyes to sleep now. The worst part is that there is no cure, and it can lead to scarring and eventual blindness. I am on the hunt for some natural remedies and healing foods.


2 thoughts on “The Eyes Have it

  1. I use restasis and it really works for me. Have been treating this for a year and it is doing well with this prescription.

    • I talked to my doc about it, and even got a second opinion. Neither doc thought I was a good candidate for it. I’ll try again, but it doesn’t look good. Meanwhile, it’s drops and ointment. 😦 Glad it works really well for you!

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