Differing Points of View – 2

This week’s challenge was “Best Friends”.  This was perfect timing, because I had planned to visit one of my two best friends this past week….and we were going to have adventures.  We took lots of photos during our time together, but one stands out to me…the best one of her.  I wasn’t able to figure out how to do my self timer, and didn’t have a remote with me.

I took this photo in one of her favorite places, a cemetery in Virginia City, Nevada.  One of the headstones was repaired, but part was missing, and she was taking a photo of the hole in the headstone.  So I took a photo of her through the hole from the backside.  I love walking through graveyards, and could have spent many more hours there, but for the wind and our physical limitations.

I love my Honey.  Nothing could ever change that.  Not time, not distance, not hardship or new friends and  busy schedules.  Nothing.


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