Best Friends (2 of 2)

I don’t want you get the impression that I don’t have other very good friends as well, because I do.  I stayed with one just the other night. My life is so rich because of them.  They challenge me, share life’s moments with me, we have fun together, share hobbies and interests, enjoy visiting together.  There’s a deeper connection with my two best friends, though.  It is as though our hearts are connected.  We sense things about the other, even if we live many miles apart (which we do).  We can pick up our relationship where we left off, and there is no awkwardness.  They know the deepest parts of me, the dark parts, the insane parts, the completely broken parts, and they love me, not just in spite of them, but often because of them.  Those parts make us real.  It’s not a casual thing…but a real, deep commitment…sort of like marriage is supposed to be.

The past few days visiting Honey have been SO relaxing…and crazy fun….as much as it can be with our respective health issues.  But we ‘get’ each other, so even spending time on the couch, each doing our respective homework, can be the best, most relaxing moments.

Photo courtesy of Honey Tapley, used with permission.


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