Side Trips

Day Four…and we’ve been traveling down the I-5 corridor for a couple of days now, but this morning we got to do a few little side trips today.  First we pulled over to a rest stop, where there was is a spectacular view of Mount Shasta, and I snapped a couple shots.  Had to time it between trucks and cars speeding by, because I didn’t want them in the shot.

We stopped into Mt. Shasta City and browsed through a couple of antique shops, but didn’t really find anything that called do us.  So we drove a few more miles and paused in Dunsmuir to take photos of Castle Crags at a fascinating motel, the Railroad Park Resort.  Each room is an old converted caboose and has the best view in the area of the Crags.  There is also an RV/Tent Campground around back.

After that, we just drove straight to our friends’ house, where we’re having a relaxing evening getting reconnected.


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