Pioneer Park at Sunset

All week I have been watching the weather like a hawk, just chomping at the bit to go out and capture one of the splendid sunsets we sometimes get around here.  It just kept on raining.  Or being overcast.  Or raining.  That is par for the course in the Pacific NorthWet.  I love it here, most of the time.  Sometimes, however, I wish the seasons were a little more distinct from each other.  In any case, I tried out a new setting on my camera, with mixed results.  The wind was blowing the clouds a little too much, so I didn’t catch the image I originally wanted, but still, looks interesting, and was a good experience.  I also sneaked a shot or two of my daughter dancing around to music on her iPod.

I thought this one kind of looked like a painting…it’s three exposures blended into one image.

My little dancer…sometimes she’s so beautiful it hurts.

Photos courtesy of Jennifer L. Kinney, June 17, 2012 – Pioneer Park, Steilacoom, WA


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