MOOM Natural Hair Remover – Product Review

My daughter needed an alternative to shaving, for those really sensitive areas.  I didn’t want her using hot wax, because it can burn if it’s too hot, and can contain irritating and damaging chemicals, as well as ripping off the top layer of skin in the process.  So we went searching.  At Bartell’s Drugs (a local family owned chain that’s been around since 1890!) we found a couple of different options.  But we settled on MOOM, which is an all natural, organic hair removal system.

The ingredient list impressed me from first sight.

  • Organic cane sugar
  • Organic chamomile tea
  • Organic lemon juice
  • Organic tea tree oil

And that’s ALL!

The kit comes with a 6 oz. glass jar (which I WILL be reusing after it’s empty), two large and two small wooden applicators, 12 large body and 6 small facial strips (washable/reusable), and the instruction book.

The suggested retail price for this product is $24.99, but we paid about $13 at Bartell’s.

After making sure her skin was clean and dry, we warmed the sugar mixture until it was the consistency of thick honey, and used a large applicator to spread a thin layer on the section of unwanted hair, spreading in the direction of hair growth.  She rubbed the strip onto the area and let it cool slightly, then quickly pulled off the strip.  This process was repeated until all of the intended hair was removed.  There was a little residue left which washed off easily with warm soap and water.  Then the applicator and strips were very easily washed with hot water.

The skin where the hair was removed was slightly red, but quickly calmed after applying shea butter cream.  My daughter reports that it was slightly painful, but that the pain went away fairly quickly.

I’ll be using this product myself on some unwanted facial hair, and I’m confident that it will work much better than the wax strips I had been using up until now.  I’d love to learn how to make my own mixture, but in the meantime, this is a very nice product and should last quite some time.  I also did some reading on their website, and am quite impressed with this company!


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