My “little” job

For a while there, I was frustrated because I couldn’t find a job.  Either I was over qualified, didn’t have recent paid experience, or it didn’t work with our schedule.  Then in March, a friend told me about a local technical college that was hiring notetakers for their Disability Services Department, to take notes for disabled students.  This is a little different situation than when I did a similar job in Fresno.  Then, I didn’t introduce myself to the student, I just sat in the class and didn’t talk to anyone.  In this new setting, not only do I get to interact with my student, I am encouraged to participate in the class.  To be honest, I am really loving this job.  It pays well, the schedule is flexible (I choose which classes I am available for), and I am actually learning alongside my students!  I couldn’t ask for a better fit.  For the time being, at least.  God provided in a way I didn’t expect, but turned out to be the best thing for me right now.  My supervisor says that there aren’t a lot of notetakers available during summer session, and they typically are short handed.  She asked me today, “How does 30 hours a week during summer session sound?”  I think that sounds pretty great. 10 weeks!!


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