Lessons in humility

As I sit here taking a break from my chores, I am listening to sounds of a gas mower in the backyard.  Nope, not our mower, but definitely our yard.  The husband of a dear friend picked up our plea for help and is tackling the long grass while we wait for the goats to become available.  I don’t know how to thank those who have been helping us this year.    My heart is full with appreciation, but also the fear that others will view us as lazy.  I’m trying so hard just to get through each day…..and wouldn’t be able to do any of this without help.  This season will pass, and we will go back to helping others again.  The sooner the better, in my estimation.


One thought on “Lessons in humility

  1. I’m very certain that your friends know what you have been going through and are more than delighted to love you through it. Besides, it’s good for all of us to have to learn how to receive as joyfully as we give… Not that I’m good at it either! Love you and love the new blog!

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