Today is the first day…

Last week, I received my final grades from my instructors at Pierce College.  Soon, I’ll be receiving my final transcripts to turn in to Pacific Lutheran University.  Then in September, the next adventure will begin.  I have been dreaming of a degree in Psychology since I started working at the adult mental health outpatient clinic in Fresno, California in 1994.  I think back to the one psychiatrist there who encouraged me to reach for my dreams.  Dr. William Siegfried.  When I last saw him, we were saying good-bye over tea and sandwiches, just before we moved to Washington.  I’ve heard from him twice since then, but it’s been nearly 10 years now.  He is still apparently practicing in Fresno.  But I thank him for his encouragement, as well as that of my husband and my friends who say that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.  And so I set my mind to higher learning, to the desire to help guide people through the healing process of the heart and mind.


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